We're Hamilton's first pet friendly restaurant! Established in 2009 we started out to provide people and their pets with delicious food and treats, excellent coffee and homemade desserts all with a comfortable area for you to dine with your pet. 

DOG BIRTHDAY CAKES: Order one today by calling 905-389-6067 during regular business hours

PARTIES (FOR HUMANS OR PETS): Call during business hours to plan your own private party.

A couple of things before your initial visit -

Please read these house rules carefully as they are enforced.  

  • YES you CAN bring your pet inside!

  • No adult unaltered males allowed on premises please.*

  • Please note: Munchies Dining room is for paying customers only. We are a pet friendly restaurant, a restaurant, not a leash free park.

  • No outside food or drink allowed.

  • No photos privacy policy in effect. As cute as the dogs are, the humans (Adults and Children) don't want to be in your pictures. Let's respect everyone's privacy. :)

  • We ask that you share a brisk walk with your dog before coming for a visit. There's a green area beside our plaza, We encourage you to allow your dog(s) to relieve themselves before entering the dining room. Even if they've just "gone" at home.

Thanks for your understanding and support. 







Unit #4

1000 Upper Gage Avenue
Hamilton, ON L8V 4R5

Call 905-389-6067 for reservations or orders.


Monday 10am to 3pm

Tuesday 10am to 3pm

Wednesday 6pm to 10:30pm

Thursday 6pm to 10:30pm

Friday = 6pm - 10:30pm

Saturday = 10am - 4pm

Sunday = 10am to 4pm